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In 2022, we purchased a second farm just down the road from our main farm.  The new farm will serve as an organic produce growing location.  We are currently offering a weekly vegetable and egg CSA for the growing season.
Vector drawing of a goat
Pick-up Options

Orders can be picked up weekly in our farm store at 13202 Hebron Rd, Hebron IL 60034 or 8 other locations in the Chicagoland area.

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Beyond Organic

We go beyond organic to make sure our produce is grown in a way that's good for us and the earth. We use organic seeds, grow beds, and compost, and we do not till the soil.

Vector drawing of a delivery truck
Delivery Option

If we have at least 5 orders that can be delivered to a common drop-off spot, we will deliver free of charge. We recommend reaching out to local groups and seeing if anyone in your area would be interested!

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Not just Produce

Our CSA will include organic produce, but you can also opt in to have meat included with your weekly share as well.

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