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American Guinea Hogs

In 2020, we brought our first pregnant, AGH, sow to the farm. It is our first-time breeding and farrowing pigs. We are very excited to add this heritage breed to our homestead and to be able to raise this delicious, good quality meat. American Guinea hogs are unique to the United States and this heritage breed of pigs has a delectable, amazing flavor profile. 

American Guinea Hogs in Pasture.jpg

About Our Breed

Their fat is a creamy, melts-in-your-mouth delight!   Bite into a freshly-cooked AGH pork chop and you will encounter morsels of crisp, yet succulent fat and layers of luscious, tender meat.  AGH pork is often described as sweet and buttery.   It is moist and tender—even when reheated.

The American Guinea Hog is a lard hog that produces extraordinarily-flavored pork suitable for traditional cuts and enough fat to create excellent charcuterie! It is also an amazing pig for your pig roasts, it is said that they self-baste while roasting!

American Guinea Hogs in Pasture.jpg
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How do I place an order?

Our hogs will live weight will be between 150 to 170 pounds. On average, one can expect to harvest 50-65% of the live hog weight when choosing traditional cuts.  The percentages increase when more of the hog is used (i.e., bone broth, scrapple, head cheese, jowl bacon, etc.)

We are currently offering our hogs at a flat rate price of $500, processing is an extra cost. We are taking $100 deposits, which is deducted from your final price to us of $500.

Email address:

Phone: 847-530-7373


Make checks payable to: Hephzibah Farms


Send to:

Hephzibah Farms

13202 Hebron Rd.

Hebron, IL 60034 

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Total Costs at a Glance

Buying meat at bulk will save you money in the long run and it will ensure that you have good quality meat at your fingertips.   The following will be a breakdown of approximate costs that go along with purchasing meat in bulk. My hope is to paint a clear picture of what you can expect, so there are no surprises.

Processing fees on average are estimated to look like this:

  • Slaughter Fee  $50 (divided between parties if buying a half)

  • Cut and Wrap Fee  $.60/lbs

  • Smoking  $.45/lbs

  • Sausage/Brat/Italian Sausage Fee   $. 75 – $1.45/lbs

The sausage fee varies based on what you desire. For instance, brats can be made with cheese which will impact the cost per pound. 

Half a hog will be approximately half this price.

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