Range-raised pork is a wonderful eating experience. We raise our pigs in wooded pastures where they are able to obtain all of the forage, nuts, and grubs that they want, along with a GMO-free feed. The pigs are also getting plenty of exercise as they walk through the woods. This combination of a healthy diet and plenty of fresh air and exercise produces very high quality and healthy pork.

The price of the range-raised pork is comprised of three parts:

  • Our price of $3.25 per lb. hanging weight
  • The processing fee which is about $0.78 per lb. hanging weight
  • The smoking fee which is $0.90 per lb. hanging weight

This comes to a total of $4.03 per lb. hanging weight plus any smoking you would like done. Smoking usually adds about $40-$50 to the price of a whole pig and $20-$25 to the price of half of a pig.

The hanging weight is the weight of the pig after it has been butchered, but before it is divided up into different cuts of meats. The hanging weight is usually about 70% of the live weight of the pig.

We sell our range-raised pork by the whole or half. This means that if you buy a half of a pig then you will receive half of the meat that is on that pig. As far as payment goes, you will be paying only for the hanging weight of half of the pig. The same goes for buying a whole.

We are asking for a 25% deposit of the estimated total price to reserve your pork. The remainder will be due when you pick up the pork. The deposit for a whole is $160 and the deposit for a half is $80.

The estimated price for a whole pig (including processing) is $650 and the estimated price for a half is $325. These numbers may change based on the exact weight of the pig when it is butchered.

Buying range-raised pork by the whole or half can yield considerable savings compared to buying separate packages of naturally-raised pork. Because you are buying in bulk you will be able to save a substantial amount of money.

You will also be able to speak directly with the butcher shop and tell them how you would like your meat cut up. You will have a variety of different options, such as, how many pork chops per package you would like, how big you would like your roasts, if you would like sausage or brats, etc.

The smoking fee refers to the price the butcher shop charges to smoke the ham and the bacon. If you would prefer that the butcher shop did not smoke your meat you can indicate that when you speak with the butcher.

In summary, when you buy range-raised pork from Hephzibah Farms you will be supporting a local business, you will be able to customize your meat to fit your specific needs, you will be able to experience considerable savings, and most importantly you will be obtaining a healthy food product that you can feel good about feeding your family.

You may order via our website with Check or a credit/debit card. 

Or you can also order by phone or e-mail:

(847) 530-7373                  anita@hephzibahfarms.com

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